Statements and Declarations


Dienstag,  18.01.2022

Interview with Stefan Engel Opportunism as Futile Way Out of the Crises of Bourgeois Society


Dienstag,  30.11.2021

Interview with Gabi Fechtner "Expand our strengths and overcome the limits we still run up against"


Dienstag,  12.10.2021

Federal Election 2021: Successful tactical offensive of the MLPD, although poor election result Monopolies' desired government fails to come about Unstable formation of government impending


Mittwoch,  04.08.2021

MLPD Press Release Administrative Court Meiningen: Complete success for Stefan Engel and the MLPD 'Potential danger' classification struck down


Sonntag,  13.06.2021

Video The Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology and Anticommunism


Sonntag,  06.06.2021

Introduction The Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology and Anticommunism


Donnerstag,  29.04.2021

Interview Intensify the Ideological Struggle!


Donnerstag,  18.03.2021

Livestream 150 ans de la commune de Paris


Dienstag,  16.03.2021

Querdenker Gabi Fechtner speaks out clearly: A clear dividing line must be drawn to the fascist Querdenker movement


Donnerstag,  07.01.2021

Statement MLPD condemns fascist coup attempt in the USA – Don’t underestimate the situation!


Samstag,  19.12.2020

No Chance for Anticommunism, Part 3 Frederick Engels – the most underestimated classic


Sonntag,  06.12.2020

No Chance for Anticommunism, Part 4 Lenin - Brilliant Leader of the Struggle against Imperialism and for Socialism

No Chance for Anticommunism, Part 2 Karl Marx

No Chance for Anticommunism, Part 1 "Holy Alliance" to Exorcise Communism


Freitag,  20.11.2020

MLPD Resolute health protection instead of double standards!


Freitag,  25.09.2020

Stefan Engel Opening statement of Stefan Engel for “Lenin like a red rag to a bull?”


Freitag,  14.08.2020

Interview with Gabi Fechtner “In stormy times you build windmills and not shelter from the wind!”


Montag,  27.07.2020

Lenin Lenin is in Gelsenkirchen: “Today we set a clear signal against anticommunism!”

Stefan Engel, 20 June 2020 Speech on the occasion of the unveiling of the Lenin statue

Gabi Fechtner, June 2020 Speech on the Unveiling of the Lenin Statue on 20 June 2020


Mittwoch,  15.07.2020

Corona Corona Emergency Program updated


Montag,  22.06.2020

Video Unveiling of the Lenin Statue in Gelsenkirchen


Mittwoch,  10.06.2020

Lenin 20 June 2020 is the day: Lenin statue will be unveiled in Gelsenkirchen!


Sonntag,  07.06.2020

Stefan Engel A tendency to a general societal crisis ...


Mittwoch,  03.06.2020

Stefan Engel, MLPD On construction and betrayal of socialism in the former GDR and conclusions


Mittwoch,  27.05.2020

8 May Speech Gabi Fechtner 8 May 2020 – 75 years of liberation from Hitlerite fascism

8 May Speech Stefan Engel 8 May 2020 – 75 years of liberation from Hitlerite fascism


Freitag,  01.05.2020

May Day 2020 ICOR Declaration to celebrate a new May Day


Dienstag,  17.03.2020

Declaration MLPD Emergency Program for the Corona Pandemic

Declaration of the Central Committee of the MLPD Don’t give anticommunism a chance! Stop the campaign against the MLPD! A strong progressive movement is only possible without anticommunist dividers!