The Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology and of Anticommunism

Justifiably, more and more people are losing confidence in the dominant politics. But what lessons do the workers and the masses in the world draw from the extensive crises? Bourgeois ideology has lost its power of attraction and is in deep crisis.

An ideological struggle over interpretation and conclusions has broken out. Since the open crisis of reformism and modern revisionism, anticommunism has become the main obstacle in the building of the consciousness of the masses. However, anticommunism itself is in crisis, causing it to be constantly modified. This book follows the conviction that the time is ripe for an ideological offensive of scientific socialism.

The books, Götterdämmerung Over the “New World Order,” Dawn of the International Socialist Revolution, and Catastrophe Alert! What Is to Be Done Against the Willful Destruction of the Unity of Humanity and Nature? contain the analysis of the reorganization of international capitalist production as new phase of imperialism, along with the conclusions for the strategy and tactics of the international socialist revolution. This book has the task to complete this by dealing with the ideological side. It is the first of four volumes of the work, The Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology, and the Doctrine of the Mode of Thinking, which will be published as Nos. 36 to 39 of the Revolutionärer Weg series.