Strategy and Tactics in the Class Struggle

Revolutionärer Weg, Nos. 20/21

Strategy and Tactics in the Class Struggle

Published in 1981

The rapidly changing conditions in the world, the intensification of the contradictions, and the ever greater intervention of the KABD (Communist Workers’ League of Germanypredecessor organization of the MLPD), in the manner of a full-fledged party, in the struggles of the working class placed increased demands on the concrete analysis of the concrete situation and the development of strategy and tactics.

The ability to consciously apply the dialectical method to lead and advance the proletarian class struggle to higher levels had to be purposefully developed. This was the task of Revolutionärer Weg, Nos. 20/21. At the same time it also analyzed the bourgeois strategy and tactics.

It presents the foundations of proletarian strategy and tactics in detail and applies them concretely, among other things to the stages of the proletarian class struggle, the struggle of the working-class youth, and the antifascist struggle.