Syria: NATO plans warlike aggression

In 2011 the justified struggle for freedom and democracy also spread throughout Syria. In the spring of 2011, hundreds of thousands of people – especially workers, women and young people - took to the streets calling, for example, „The people want Assad's overthrow!“ or „No Kurds, no Arabs, the Syrians are one people!“ The Assad regime reacted with brutal force, but also the USA and NATO did everything they could to extinguish the spark of this revolutionary ferment and to get the protests under bourgeois control again.

In the meantime, a bloody reactionary proxy war has been raging for many months now with tens of thousands of mortalities and hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Together with Great Britain, France and other NATO countries, the USA is feverishly preparing a warlike aggression against Syria. Three US warships with guided missiles are already prepared for this. The targets for bombing have just been renewed. In Syria the interests of the imperialist states and reactionary regimes are clashing directly with each other. This can develop into a warlike wildfire very quickly. This also acutely endangers world peace and calls upon all peace-loving people to protest and resist, especially on this 1st September, Anti-War Day!

Hundreds of people – among them many women and children – are supposed to have died and at least 3600 poisoned in the past days in Syria through chemical weapons. However, this blatantly brutal war crime is only a pretext for the USA. It is still completely unclear whether these weapons were used by the reactionary Assad regime or by the reactionary troops of the so-called „Free Syrian Army“ (FSA). The USA themselves never had any scruples to use the most horrible and inhumane weapons in their wars of aggression. Between 1962 and 1971, the USA sprayed 80 million liters of highly-toxic chemicals in more than 6000 operations, among them the highly-toxic „Agent Orange“ with the highly concentrated poison dioxin against the liberation struggle of the Vietnamese people. Tens of thousands of Vietnamese died. Today hundreds still die every year, and an estimated two to four million people are affected by the long-term effects. In the first Iraq war the USA already employed radioactive bullets on a large scale, which cost the lives of at least 100 000 victims. It would also not be the first time that the USA fabricated propaganda lies to justify military aggression and interventions.

The Syrian regime around President Assad has been ruling in a state of emergency since 1963 and is supported by the imperialist states Russia and China and the fascist Iran. Assad, supported by the military, has been using bloody terror to take action against democratic and revolutionary forces for decades. Russia has already reinforced its fleet of five warships in the Mediterranean.

While Western media spread the myth of the „rebells of the FSA“, these are actually a mixture of reactionary militia and troops: strongest among them is the Islamic-fascist Al-Nusra-Front, which brutally hunts down Christians, Alawites, Kurds and revolutionaries in their spheres of influence. They are being financed and armed by the sinister antidemocratic regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Turkish Erdogan government is staking its own claim for becoming a regional great power. Last weekend alone they delivered 400 tons of weapons to the FSA within 24 hours. The intelligence services of the USA and other NATO countries determine the politics of the bourgeois Syrian opposition to a great extent; armed intelligence units from these countries and US-drones are already war parties. They aim at weakening the influence of China and Russia in the Middle East in a lasting way. None of them are concerned in the least about human rights and democracy, but only about imperialist spheres of power and influence, strategically significant shipping routes, the region's oil and natural gas resources and the geo-strategically important area. In addition, for the USA the elimination of the Assad regime is a precondition for the long-planned attack against Iran.

The bourgeois parties in the German elections are play-acting the peace-loving foreign-policy makers with flowery speeches. Actually, German troops are already in position at the Turkish border with air raid defense missiles to back military aggressions.


USA and NATO – Hands off Syria!

Respect the right of self-determination of peoples and nations!

No export of arms to reactionary regimes!

Ban and destroy all ABC weapons!

No German troops abroad!

Freedom, peoples' friendship – genuine socialism!

Our solidarity goes instead to the struggle of the people's masses for democracy and freedom, the antiimperialist and the revolutionary liberation struggle!

In „Rojava“ (West Kurdistan) – in the Syrian part of Kurdistan – the people already rose on 19 July 2012 to take their fortunes into their own hands. Since then the people have taken over control in nine Kurdish cities. They are leading a just war on two fronts - against the Assad regime and against the „FSA“, as well.

On 1st September begins the campaign of the ICOR (International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations) Europe „Against all colonial and imperialist aggression! Defend the democratic autonomy in Rojava!“ It includes diverse solidarity, donation and education activities.

The ICOR calls up worldwide to the day of struggle against fascism and war! Protest and demonstrate on 1st September 2013! Every internationalist is called upon to participate actively on this day!

Long live international solidarity!

Long live the struggle of the working class and the people's masses for national and social liberation!

Central Committee of the MLPD, 27 August 2013

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