A new phase in the imperialist war over Syria has been initiated: Stop Turkey's fascist war of aggression against Afrin and Rojava/North Syria!

Statement of the Central Committee of the MLPD, 23 January 2018: On January 20, 2018, the fascist, new-imperialist, Turkish Erdogan regime opened up a new military front against many towns in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria. This marks the initiation of a new phase of the imperialist war in Syria.

A new phase in the imperialist war over Syria has been initiated:  Stop Turkey's fascist war of aggression against Afrin and Rojava/North Syria!

Kurdish and Arab forces allied in the SDF alliance had dealt heaviest blows to the fascist IS (Daesh) in Kobane and Rakka. They were the decisive force in the defeat of the fascist IS. Since the IS now has been driven out of most of Iraq and Syria, so that it no longer has any great military significance, the various imperialist powers now are beginning to divide up Syria amongst themselves. The USA, EU, Israel and new-imperialist countries like Russia, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc., now vie all the more bitterly for supremacy in the region. When the Assad regime launched its attack on Idlib with the support of Russian imperialism, Turkey saw reason to take military action itself. The Turkish rulers want to drive a 30 km wide corridor through the middle of Rojava (South Kurdistan), which would put all major cities there under the control of Turkey. This creates a new trouble spot in the context of the globally intensified general danger of war. The offensive, cynically called “Operation Olive Branch”, meets with the fierce resistance of the masses and Kurdish People’s and Women’s Defense Units (YPG/YPJ) as well as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Worldwide, international solidarity with the resistance against the fascist invasion is growing.

The aggressive act of Turkey has the blessings of US imperialism and the Russian Putin regime. The German government is one of the closest allies of the Erdogan regime. Kurdish and Turkish revolutionary organizations are criminalized and prosecuted by the federal government in Germany. Afrin also is being attacked with German weapons, including Leopard II tanks. The German federal government pretends to advocate humanity and peace, but pursues an imperialist and reactionary policy.

Rojava and the international solidarity movement are a thorn in the side of all imperialist forces. The world over, Rojava in the cantons Afrin, Kobane and Cizire stands for a successful struggle against the IS, for democracy and freedom, women’s rights, environmental protection, and respect for all ethnic groups and religions. The current development underscores that notions of a peaceful expansion of democratic autonomy are an illusion. No imperialist power is and was ever an honest ally of just liberation struggles. Allies in this struggle are the common people, the international working-class movement and the peoples of the world who fight for freedom, democracy and socialism.

We reject every imperialist aggression in Syria.

The solidarity pact of the revolutionary world organization ICOR with the Kurdish liberation struggle is gaining in influence and importance. No struggle for liberation must be alone and isolated – but must become a part of the joint struggle. Anyone who wants to fight resolutely for peace, freedom and socialism must fight the evil at the root, imperialism, and join in preparing the international socialist revolution for the building of the united socialist states of the world.

The MLPD calls for the solidarity of all democratic, antifascist and revolutionary people in Germany. Class solidarity is and remains the most important bond between the peoples in their struggle for peace, freedom and socialism. The MLPD stands for proletarian internationalism.

We explicitly call also on Turkish and Arab migrants to widen their horizon and not let themselves be divided by demagogic, warmongering, chauvinist and nationalist appeals. No people can be free if it participates in oppressing other peoples. The refugees from Syria and the Middle East – regardless of national origin – also must not allow themselves to be divided, but must unite and resist together with the German population.

The MLPD supports the worldwide protest and active resistance against the fascist aggression and calls for the support of the nationwide Nav-Dem demonstration in Cologne on Saturday, January 27, 2018.

On Monday, January 29, the Monday Demonstration in Gelsenkirchen invites people from throughout the Ruhr region to a protest demonstration against the Turkish aggression and for solidarity with the Kurdish liberation struggle. At “Platz der Montagsdemo” (formerly Preuteplatz) in the city center of Gelsenkirchen at 5.30 p.m.



Up with international solidarity!

Hands off Afrin! Stop the invasion of the Turkish military in Rojava! Immediate cessation of support for the Erdogan regime by the German government!

No arms deliveries to Turkey!

All imperialists and their fascist mercenary troops – get out of Syria!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

For peace, freedom, genuine socialism!

Workers of all countries, unite!

Workers of all countries and all oppressed, unite!