Ukraine War

Ukraine War

Stop the Madness of Warmongering! Strengthen Active Resistance!

8th Statement of the Central Committee of the MLPD on the Ukraine War 21 January 2023

Stop the Madness of Warmongering!

Strengthen Active Resistance!

1. The war in Ukraine is entering an even more dangerous phase. With bombs and missiles, the new-imperialist Russia terrorizes the Ukrainian population. Ukraine with the USA and NATO want to continue the war until "victory". At the US-led Ramstein Conference of 50 countries on 20 January, extensive deliveries of ammunition and weapons were agreed upon. In the past, it was said to be about defending Ukraine. Now, the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, says provocatively, "New military assistance will allow Ukraine to launch its own offensive actions." USA and NATO are the main warmongers! Among these people, the issue is no longer how peace will be achieved.

2. Allegedly, no final decision has yet been made on the delivery of Leopard 2 tanks. In the meantime, however, the training of Ukrainian soldiers on these has apparently been agreed. Shortly before, Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht had been replaced by the avowed militarist Boris Pistorius (SPD). He stands for an even more aggressive course of the government, which is increasingly focusing on Germany's taking the "leading role"1 in the military support of Ukraine. The German government and NATO are expanding the limitations of indirect war participation and becoming more and more a direct war party. No delivery of arms and support for unjust wars!

3. Both sides are feverishly seeking ways out of the crisis in their warfare. The Russian government wants to send a further 200,000 soldiers to the slaughter on the front lines and increase the army to 1.5 million. With the capture of Soledar, Russia achieved a tactical success. Ukraine is running out of time, contrary to the war rhetoric about a fast victory with western weapons. This war is a perverted test lab, where imperialists from the West and East are testing the effectiveness of their war weapons at the expense of hundreds of thousands of people.

4. "The more we support Ukraine, the faster the war will end," asserts Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP), who is closely linked with the arms industry. For one entire year, it has been being confirmed that more and more weapons neither deter, mitigate or even end this war. Former brigadier general and Merkel adviser Erich Vad pursues a concept of bourgeois diplomacy. He questions whether tanks can be used to achieve a willingness to negotiate and criticizes that such "arms deliveries are pure militarism."2 The actions of the western imperialists continue to turn the dangerous spiral of escalation. The former Inspector General of the German Armed Forces, Harald Kujat, warns: "At best a military engagement of the entire NATO could put the Russian armed forces in great difficulties. The consequence, however, would be a European nuclear war."3 Let's have no illusions: A nuclear world war is the logical consequence of the current actions. No peace-loving person can accept that one day longer. Active resistance against the danger of a nuclear third world war!

5. The worldwide economic war is being extended, and the competition among all imperialist camps intensifies. The major corporation Linde moved its headquarters from Germany to the USA in view of the subsidy programs there. The militarization of the economy is being intensified. Secretary General of NATO Stoltenberg, CDU politicians and officers of the German Federal Army openly call for the transition to a "war economy".4 This promises the monopolies super-profits from a military build-up beyond all conceivable dimensions. The Bundestag's Commissioner for the Armed Forces, Eva Högl (SPD), demands a tripling of the "special funds" to 300 billion euros. This war course also means an aggravated shifting the burden of war and crisis onto the masses. Starting in February, around 2.5 million colleagues from the trade union ver.di will be involved in important collective bargaining rounds. In view of the dramatic inflation, supplementary wage payments of 20 percent are being demanded by workers in more and more factories. We will not pay for your wars! With determination for workers' interests!

6. Environmental protection is being cut back radically in Scholz's “turn of time”. In the process, it is becoming apparent that because of the willful destruction of the unity of humanity and nature by the imperialist world system that has been going on for decades, the global environmental catastrophe has already begun. The situation is aggravated with LNG gas, nuclear armament and increased coal mining. A society-changing environmental struggle is required!

7. In polls, 46 percent oppose the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine. But still
confusion is great. Don't we have to support either Ukraine/NATO or Russia? These are pseudo-alternatives! At its strategy congress on
14 January in Berlin with 300 participants, the new peace movement gave the signal: against the war which is unjust by both sides and against all imperialists! Critical discussions about capitalism and imperialism are increasing, the search for fundamental alternatives is growing. Join the direction of genuine socialism as a way out! Only an active, cross-border mass resistance with the perspective of an international socialist revolution will prevent humanity from declining into world war, global environmental catastrophe or mass misery. This is also the only way to give the Ukrainian people a real perspective. No war can be carried out in the long run without the support of its own people. Strengthen the ICOR, which has member organizations in 45 countries, which are raising awareness and organizing active resistance to this war. Participate on 24 February 2023, on the occasion of the anniversary of this war's begin, in local and regional activities against the insanity of world warmongering! (details at Strengthen the MLPD and its youth league Rebell!

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