Gabi Fechtner speaks out clearly: A clear dividing line must be drawn to the fascist Querdenker movement

In the bourgeois media, the so-called Querdenker (supposedly “lateral” or “alternative” thinkers) movement is heightened to become a critical opposition to the Merkel government. At best, it is critically noted that ultra-right-wing forces and fascists also march among them. This deliberately distracts from the fascist character of the Querdenker strategy and tactics. The reference to the Querfront or cross-front strategy is already inherent in the name.

After 1 May 2020, the openly fascist party Die Rechte (“The Right”) called on all fascists to “stop registering their own rallies for the time being, but instead to call to participate in the (anti-Corona) protests”. Fascists from Die Rechte, the Höcke wing of the AfD, the NPD and fascist Reichsbürger (“Citizens of the German Reich”) romp around in numbers at such actions. The anti-Semite Ken Jebsen spread hundreds of thousands of messages on the Internet: “Don't let yourselves out there be divided into left and right.” This is presented as new and modern, but these are deliberate fascist tactics and nothing else than the implementation of the old familiar “cross-front” policy of fascists.

Some honest people let themselves be fooled, because in the entangled ultra-reactionary content of this movement there are also seemingly single justified criticisms, such as of the pharmaceutical industry or demands for the preservation of democratic rights and freedoms. But this is an old trick of the fascists. Hitlerite fascism also consciously borrowed from communist traditions and symbols. This was the only way it could penetrate backward sections of the workers' movement with its fascist poison.

Hitler even brazenly called his movement “national socialist”, although he was the mortal enemy of socialism and communism. In the same way, the leaders of the Querdenker movement pretend to fight for fundamental rights, although the fascists are mortal enemies of democracy and freedom. In the face of the anti-fascist consciousness among the masses, they have to masquerade themselves in order to gain influence. They use all kinds of conspiracy myths, deny the class struggle between the working class and the bourgeoisie and serve the ruling forces as a cheap pretext for restricting the right of assembly.

Currently, forces around Björn Höcke and the fascist Götz Kubitschek even propagate adopting Marx in order to “answer the social question from the right”. What a lie! Fascism has never had the slightest interest in the social situation of the masses. In the end, always and everywhere it led them into the dramatic squalor of war, poverty and persecution.

Even among progressive people it is sometimes argued that you should not criticize this movement so harshly, because there are also honest people among them. But that is exactly why you have to speak out clearly against this incitement of people! People have to understand whom they are marching along with, instead of giving room to this by playing it down! The MLPD stands for zero tolerance against the fascist “cross-front” strategy.

Here, too, applies: Resist the beginnings!