Gabi Fechtner speaks out clearly: A clear dividing line must be drawn to the fascist Querdenker movement

In the bourgeois media, the so-called Querdenker (supposedly “lateral” or “alternative” thinkers) movement is heightened to become a critical opposition to the Merkel government. At best, it is critically noted that ultra-right-wing forces and fascists also march among them. This deliberately distracts from the fascist character of the Querdenker strategy and tactics. The reference to the Querfront or cross-front strategy is already inherent in the name.

Intensify the Ideological Struggle! Intensify the  Ideological Struggle!

Interview with Stefan Engel, head of the editorial team of Revolutionärer Weg, on the occasion of the publication of the book, The Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology and Anticommunism.